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  • Short and clarifying update from the client: “Havana Club expects not only the ways of communicating (media, guerilla marketing) but also the message ie a recommendation on the content of advertising. How this advertising content conveys what Havana Club stands for (Brand compass/Crusade).”

  • Dear Sirs,

    I would like to express my interest in setting up a distribution chain for East Africa which has got great demand and very limited monopolistic supply at the moment. The competition that we will face is that from Asian countries with goods of inferior quality.
    I am British and Uganda citizen / Business Man
    I would be grateful to be given an opportunity to explore the venture
    As a long term Loyal Agreement.
    I would like to ideally pick on a model that is already proven by you. We can get to set up chains outlets in the region. I have identified such is a virgin market.
    Vision Statement
    To develop an Export and Import trade that focuses on bridging European markets in terms of manufactured goods / products/ services and find market for products from the East African Region where as realising maximum returns on investment. Excellent service is the core of our operation.
    Mission Statement
    Enrichment Internations mission is to become the recognised leader in its targeted market for sales of quality used cars and automotive services.
    The Company
    Enrichment Internations aspires to be a leading Exporter, locating and shipping company.
    Given my knowledge of the market and commercial background, I will cause the product range to be superior in the region.
    I am very fluent in all the major languages and culture in this region which gives me an upper hand in my dealings. Geographically, I am conversant with all the commercial regions of the targeted markets.
    I would like to Start off in Uganda / Kenya as the hub and then expand into Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi Southern Sudan.
    Uganda’s estimted population was 33,640,833 in July 2012 and growth rate at 3.3 %
    Kenya estimated at 41 Million, Rwanda at 10,537,222, Tanzania at 44,928,923, Burundi,Population: 10,888,321 (July 2013 est.), Congo over 75 million and Southern Sudan, Population: 11,090,104 (July 2013 EST.). These represent the demographics’ of the targeted market which is segmented into the different age groups and hence targeting the income generating groups.
    Company Goals and Objectives
    I expect that the business will aggressively expand during the first three years of operation. I intend to implement marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals within the target market.
    The Company’s revenues are subject to change depending on the general economic market. However, the business will be able to maintain its operations profitability as the business is not limiting itself to local advertising. The business will use multiple forms of advertising to ensure a fast turnover of its inventory.
    We offer a Turnkey Service
    You will benefit from my knowledge and experience in the export trade as well as my established presence in this region. Good dealings with The Uganda investment Authority, URA-Customs and all other relevant bodies and systems.

    I anticipate hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards
    Hello !
    I am looking for funding opportunities both on a personal front and business funding.
    I also would like to know about business support such a help with Preparing my Business plans and securing funding .
    Granary Lease and Finance Is an indigenous MFI set up to assist the less privileged in this region to build a solid economic base for themselves and for their families as a practical way to achieve economic and social development.
    Granary is a micro-finance leasing company that will make capital available to Ugandans’ Youth and women who are less privileged to raise capital through ordinary channels, through lease finance and loans. The vision is to have a very high impact both economically and socially. There will be relief to small businesses and farmers in the rural areas as leasing allows for Liquid capital to be utilized more efficiently.
    Granary will draw its clientele from the already organised structures in Uganda, namely “Bona Ba Gagawale” SACCOS, which are cooperatives that encourage members to save and invest communally or individually. These are operational but with very little impact. This vacuum will be filled by the Granary. Another well intentioned programme is NADDS which has rallied and trained farmers but has failed to avail the necessary capital, especially equipment to effectively manage the programme.
    Granary will take a lead role as a micro-credit in Uganda through Micro-Leasing, with particular attention to these target groups.
    Customs and traditions in Uganda normally make it difficult for women to own land and assets. Many women are therefore considered not creditworthy by financial institutions in the country as they lack tangible collateral assets. This leads to poor financial support hence poor access to basic needs and services for women with low incomes, the problem being even more acute for widows -who have to single-handedly take care of their families.
    Mission and cooperate strategy
    Granary’s mission.
    Granary’s mission is to hastily increase the incomes and employment to these target groups in Uganda as described below:
    1. To be a major provider of microfinance (micro-leasing finance) to Ugandan Youth and women. Hence creating an environment that provides growth and thus self esteem.
    2. To achieve operating levels that will ensure sustainability and expansion to cover all regions of Uganda
    To be a credible and reliable MFI partner to banks and other financial institutions.
    A. 1.2 The Granary’s’ Objectives are:
    1. To empower the target group economically by supporting their efforts in enterprise development as a financial intermediary
    2. To Develop the target group’s capacity / capability to assertively and competitively participate in business in the society dominated economy
    3. To facilitate growth of the beneficiaries as businesswomen through sharing best practices with other groups and other organisations inside and outside the country
    4. Over all, take part in poverty alleviation initiatives in the country

    B. IMPACT OF The Granary’s PROGRAM
    The Granary sets out to achieve the following:
    Economically empower the clientele. Whose lives will be impacted through the direct benefits that will be accruing?
    Generation of self-employment and creating jobs for others.

    Attitude change in business leading to maximising opportunities and strengthening small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Some of the women have grown from a level of managing subsistence micro-businesses to mainstream small and medium businesses.
    Promotion of clients’ saving and also acquisition of modern and efficient equipment for their businesses.
    To boost the target group, to have self-confidence and esteem in managing these businesses and in searching for markets which includes participation in International Trade Fairs at home and abroad.
    Improved standards of living and capacity to meet basic needs like sending children to school, paying hospital bills, affording more nutritious food for their families.
    Increased awareness and mitigation of the scourge of HIV/AIDS and its control among its clientele
    Look for businesses and encourage sponsors
    Provide new markets, technology and knowledge.
    Products and Services (Customers & Investors at the same time)
    The Granary will offer the following types of products:
    High Social Security models

    Sale and Leaseback Facility
    Eco friendly / clean technology, Solar power and
    Mobilise domestic and foreign/global funding.

    Health Care Inclusion

    Provision of low cost housing.
    Construction Equipment
    The granary intends to acquire construction equipment which will be rented out to the Construction industry, Local authorities and other agencies and individuals at lucrative rates, profits from these then passed on to the clientele group very fair rates. A cycle which will sustain the Granary.
    Financial lease, sale and leaseback facility.
    Financial lease with features to enable borrowers without credit history and collateral (as is the case with the target group) to access the use of capital equipment, services and Supplies.
    Examples of lease equipment to be offered by The Granary:
    Agricultural Equipment:
    Coffee Haulers, Maize mills, Egg Hatching and incubating equipment, Juicers for making concentrates.
    Tractors, Hand tillers, cooling or storage facilities, processing and packaging facilities for durability and better presentation, easy handling and transportation to compete fairly on the international market.
    Transport facilities
    Lorries and light trucks, tankers, motor bikes for easing communication and movement of both goods and services.
    Tailoring equipment:
    Manual and electrical sewing machines, embroidery sewing machines, overlocks, chain stitch machines, handlooms, etc.
    Secretarial equipment: Photocopiers, computers and printers, typewriters, to cater for schools especially
    Carpentry equipment, handicrafts, water pumping, power generating sets Cost effective Brick, Pavement & tile making machines (Hydro form).

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