Your old pitches are now available

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If you have uploaded pitches before this post is for you. Here we describe how to access your pitch history, re-upload and delete pitches. 

We have now created a page called My Pitches (Log in > My Account > My Pitches) where you can  find your pitch history. We have done our best to keep as much data as possible when we transferred all pitches from the old place to our new digital home, unfortunately we had to skip your thumbnails and complete descriptions. But, we managed to keep your titles, short descriptions and files.


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One new function is the possibility to delete your pitches. Choose one of your pitches (My Account > My Pitches) and hit the “Delete post” button below the title and above the pitch description. Deleting a pitch can be a good idea if you want to change an already submitted pitch. Just delete the old one and upload the new.


If you want to change one of the pitches we uploaded for you, please go to this place (My Account > Re-upload your old pitch). Follow the instructions, hit submit and your are almost done. The last step is to delete the old pitch as we mentioned earlier.

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To see the final result, visit My Pitches. As you can see below your pitch will have a title (“This is my story”), a body text (“Lorem ipsum…”), a download button (your pitch file), a picture (“the cat”) and a author area in the bottom. This is the perfect place if you want to promote yourself or your company towards the clients. This information will appear automatically when you fill in your profile.

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If you have any questions, feel free to send a mail to

Good luck!