Visit Britain: We have a result!

As usual it was a struggle, but finally we can proudly present top three in Visit Britain’s brief: “How to inspire more football fans to travel to Britain”. We and the client congratulate these stars:

  • Gold medal to Maria: 4 000 euro
  • Silver medal to Pacolito: 1 500 euro
  • Bronze medal to Youmoore Machineil: 500 euro

Interested to know more about them?

Maria is a former creative director at Ogilvy, now freelancer, from United states with over 20 years of experience. On Twitter (@MariaCPerez) she presents her self as: “Art Director/Designer/Film Maker/Activist for Animals, Humans & Environment/Vegetarian/Meditator/Believer in you. New York / Miami / Mexico.” Visit her personal portfolio to know more about Maria.

Youmoore Machineil is an established freelancer and expert in branding and packaging design. Also working as fashion, graphic and product designer. He’s from Bosnia and Herzegovina and you can find out more of him at Behance.

Pacolito’s background will hopefully be updated soon!