Pernod Ricard Brazil: We have a result!

The winners are finally here. Pernod Ricard Brazil had one of the toughest briefs in Mypitch’s history. We had our doubts, but your pitches about branding and package design for the future were stunning. To say the least. Two members and their pitches caught special interest from the Pernod Ricard Brazil team. One from Sweden and the other one from USA. This time Sweden had the best of it, because the the best performing members in the “Made in Brazil” brief are..

  • Gold medal to Torpetmotklottret from Sweden: 6 000 euro
  • Silver medal to Rickmann08 from USA: 4 000 euro


Congratulations to the winners and appreciations from us and Pernod Ricard Brazil to all members that put a lot of effort in this brief. Epic awesome performance. Below you can read the clients interesting thoughts and motivations regarding this brief:


[…]It was rich and insightful to work with Mypitch on this project. There were several different territories touched by your members, that allowed us to have a better picture of what should be a good territory for us to build a brand concept.

Looking to the concepts and design, the richest territories were:

Art Territory
A lot of ideas focusing on Brazilian culture and art: I am Brazil (art/music), De Rua (art), Brasil (Brazilian culture) showing the Brazilian vibrancy, urban lifestyle and diversity.

Brazilian Flora
The rich nature inside Brazil was a highlight. Several ideas using typical Brazilian fruits or mixed with spirits or liquor: Soluastra (café com cachaca), Just Be (typical fruits with spirit), Yerba Mate (mate with liquor), Spirits of Brazil (typical fruits with liquor), Migo (typical fruits), both in terms of sensorial experiences and also with well-being/health.

The main ideas came with some history behind ingredients/design choice. Showing that consumers may be interested on the brand content, not only a good brand look and feel. Also, some environmental concerns, such as “Arvores” cocept, that combine the content with a social responsability

On the other side, that was clear through the pitch, that the Brazil imagery is still very superficial, with some clichés (tropical, caribbean look and feel), which we believe is an opportunity to build the real Brazil imagery.

On our vision, the 2 more interesting and balanced ideas were:

Pitch Cachaça Arvores
By Torpetmotklottret [Gold medal]
An eco-friendly spirit focused on social responsibility, with an interesting and premium packaging; a story behind. Even we believing that the weight should be reversed – the story telling behind the brand should be the central idea of the concept, and the eco-friendly as an additional point of differentiation. We see this concept as a good start. It is based on the diverse; rich nature we have, resonates with a US trend and has an interesting packaging proposal.


Pitch Porções
By Rickmann08 [Silver medal]
A mix of 2 spirits (rum and vodka) with fruits, in a different packaging (can), proposing a new consumption way (you mix the fruits with the spirits). Uses one of Brazil’s strengths: the rich nature in a new and ‘in the know’ way: the healthy/well being functional benefit of these fruits. Also, shows a new way of consume Cachaça (Brazilian Rum): lower ABV (alcohol content), with sweet taste and freshness.


Another good evaluation is “De Rua” by Pelicula: goes beyond the Brazilian imagery clichés. The Urban art is still not known by foreign people and there is a great room to build a brand inside it. Is indeed a good way to have PR return. Why we did not choose it: because the concept is still raw, and there is not clear central idea in terms of flavours; what it is trying to build with the brand? […]


Pernod Ricard Brazil is now considering how to move forward with their new ideas and insights. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately we will not be able to give feedback to all participant members this time. We know that you love to hear what the client thinks of your pitch, even though your are not among the medalists. We hope to launch a solution very, very soon. Feel absolutely free to send us an email if you have any questions or feedback –