Pernod Ricard Brazil: New brief out now


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If you are a creative pioneer, we have the best mission for you right now.

Pernod Ricard Brazil is looking for a concept idea and packaging design direction of a totally new brand – created by you. It’s one of our toughest challenges ever, but in the same time one of the most rewarding. The two best concepts will totally share 10 000 euro and, not to forget, a chance to co-operate with one of the world’s major wine and spirits producers.

Pernod Ricard Brazil wants you to explore new possibilities, be a pioneer, in terms of proposition and packaging. We want your view on what it could be and what it would look like. We dare you to go beyond the obvious, think about the things that perhaps people don’t already know about Brazil, but would like to! Of course you don’t need to be a Brazilian yourself.

Are you inspired and eager to start brainstorming, lovely. Take a deeper look at the (well executed) brief now:
Brief in English.

Brief em Português

Best of luck!